Correlation between low pH and story

then my AP stat class is below average lol, the average is a c i get a b, and on the test everyone gets 4/5

and on the test everyone gets 4/5

i passed 6 AP exams and only got a 5 on one of them. who cares what the grade is as long as you get the credit. if i knew then what i knew now i would have skipped all the AP classes and CLEP’d them!

your a 100% right Logan…so if u passed 6 AP test, u pretty much were never a college freshman, ha…

my AP courses helped becuz i thought i didnt want to keep going to school, and i took off for a year, and when i came back, it really didnt even set me back any

I just realized that Ken said Rook Owt!!! LMAO thats awesome. Ken you are my hero.