128 Eaters??

Our most popular Cleanup Crew containing 128 of the best eaters is on sale!
We have 40 packs set aside at this price - so get 'em while you can!
They are normally $100++ at Reefs2go.com and if you purchased these items elsewhere - you would spend $180.00 +++.
So here is the skinny:

The Medium Caribbean Saltwater Clean Up Crew has the following items + it ships for FREE via FedEx 2 Day for only $74.99!!

30 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
20 Red Leg Hermit Crabs
6 Scarlett Leg Hermit Crabs
2 Emerald Crabs
20 Turbo Snails
30 Nassarius Snails
20 Cerith Snails

Our best Saltwater Invertebrates Crew - Only 40 available!!

And remember- you can add like items to the box without incurring any additional shipping fees!!!

This deal is a great one for everyone!!