2 frags of blue sympodium f/s or f/t

I have 2 frags of blue sympodium, for sale or trade at the meeting… no gsp or cabbage, kenyas or bland mushrooms… but open to just about anything else…

frags are mounted to a 1 1/2 diameter frag disc…


Jon what is it exactly?kinda cool looking I might be interested if there still available

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:2, topic:5984”]
Jon what is it exactly?kinda cool looking I might be interested if there still available[/quote]

If i had to compare it to something it would be like gsp, but larger polyps. It doesn’t grow nearly as fast as gsp (which is good by me)

It’s expensive online, and if you google it there are some amazing photos of it. It looked way cooler under bluer lighting in my 125… but i put the colony in the little tank 2-3 weeks ago and the white lighting does it no justice, and… it wasn’t doing great in the 125 but has been showing improvement in polyps more and more since the move… I can’t wait to see what it looks like under leds…

btw, josh has some in his tank i think…take a look at his next visit

still got a frag available? i’ve got a frag of hairy mushroom that’s been fragged for a while now so i know it’s ready to go. i can also easily frag you some neon green palau nethea that’s been growing amazingly in my tank. i have a ton of pulsating xenia as well. any interest?

I’ll trade one for a nepthea frag ::thumbsup::

sounds good. what’s a fair size to you? This stuff expands like crazy so a one inch frag will be about three inches under light. also, it’s gunna take a while because i want to make sure it’s fully healed before i bring it down to you. a week anyway.

whatever size is fine with me, and healed up is a plus ::thumbsup::

lmk when ur ready!

John,I will buy one from you at the next meeting Dec 17.