2016 DRC annual frag swap

Our annual frag swap will be on May 21st 11-3 at William Penn HS. I will have flyers done up this week and it will be listed on fragswapper.com as well!!! Any vendors/hobbyist who would be interested in setting up a table please let me know thanks! Looking forward to another great year!


Ny Coral King
Talon’s Cove
Bare Bottom Corals
Dr. Mac
Coveys Coral Cove
Fraggin Idiot Shawn Gauvreau
Aquarium world
Coral Dudes
Supreme Reefs
Jason Fox
Kingpin Corals
TSM Corals
Those Fish Geeks
Sky’s Lagoon Coral


Matt (mortyn02)
Marty (reefzig)
Jason (beadlocked450r)
Elijah Boyes
John (houndsbayman)
Sean Gross
Byron Almekinder
William Moberly


BRS 2 part doser
Rod’s foods Multi pack of frozen food
https://www.saltwateraquarium.com All in one nano reactor, 2 mini magnet scrapers, 2 magnet scrapers, digital spoon scale, hanna calibration and maintenance solution, and gourmet gadget collection
Reed Mariculture 2 complete sets of our Reef Nutrition products in the 6 ounce bottles, valued at over $150.00 each, and 2 sets of our TDO ChromaBoost in the 3 ounce bags, valued at over $25.00 each.
Colbalt Aquatics fish flakes, coral food, nano flow 2600
Red Sea/Aquaculture Technologies Red Sea reef energy, Red Sea No3 PO4 reducer, Red Sea reef foundation pro test kit (CA KH MG), Reef foundation complete supplement pack
Air water & Ice typhoon 5 stage RODI and 4 $25 gift certificates
Dr. Foster and Smith $25 gift certificate


Great! we can leave some flyers at local stores and probably the public libraries to post on their bulletin boards.

I’ll post about it on Reef2Reef and have them add it to the master list for 2016.

[quote=“icecool2, post:4, topic:8460”]
I’ll post about it on Reef2Reef and have them add it to the master list for 2016.[/quote]

Sounds good Adam!! Thanks

We have our first vendor confirmed for the frag swap!!

NY Coral King

We are on the official Reef2Reef list.

Great thanks Adam!! If you could just have anyone who is interested in setting up a table to contact president@delreefclub.org.

Fragswapper too

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:9, topic:8460”]
Fragswapper too[/quote]

I am already working on it. I had to get the flyer done first. I just finished it and will be posting it to fragswapper in just a few minutes

We are listed on Fragswapper now!!!

Very nice work on the flyer Karen. You are doing a fantastic job as our President. YahoO :BEER

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:12, topic:8460”]
Very nice work on the flyer Karen. You are doing a fantastic job as our President. YahoO :BEER[/quote]

Thank you John!!!

The flyer does look very nice! Jason and I were up at the Frag Swap at that fish place and we had a lot of people show interest in coming to our frag swap! Good job everyone!

Jason said there was a lot of interest and that he should of taken more flyers with him!

Almost out of cards too

I can vouch, Jason and Matt were full up representing DRC. Flyers were up at the sign in area and by the raffles.

And wearing my drc frag swap tee shirt!!!

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:16, topic:8460”]
Almost out of cards too[/quote]

I will bring more with me to the meeting!

are the flyers full page 8 x 11 or smaller like 4 to a page? if you have a pdf file, send me a PM. I could print some at home, and drop a stack at the Newark and Bear Libraries too. they have some file cabinet tops full of flyers. small 4 x 5 size are perfect. 4 to a page, print and cut. like we use to do for the Freshwater club . anyone else near other libraries?