2022 - 9th ANNUAL FRAG SWAP - October 29th

Good news everyone we are well under way with preparations for the 9th Annual Frag Swap. This is a much anticipated event since we have not held one since 2019 due to the Pandemic.

There are a lot of details yet to hammer out and updates will be made as they become available.

This event will likely be in NewCastle County but is still under development as far as the venue is concerned.

The date is scheduled for October 29th and is not anticipated to change. I have been contacting many of our past sponsors and supporters. Brett has many of the Vendors lined up.

I am posting this now with lack of some of the details because our supporters/sponsors need to see that this a legitimate event.

We intend to get the word out early to make this one of the biggest turnouts for a DRC FRAG SWAP ever.