2023 AND 2024 Sponsor Reefer Madness!

Welcome again as a 2024 sponsor Reefer Madness !

“Reefer Madness was created out of a life long passion for reeferkeeping​:green_heart: With almost 30 years of experience in husbandry, maintenance, propagation and aquaculture​:ok_hand::fire:. The house of Madness will make your reefing dreams come to life!

Run by Joshua Ernest and myself Eric Barello aka “the mad doctor” aka “Mr.frag that thang” aka “William Buttleeker”. *We are working on cool self proclaimed nicknames for Josh as we speak​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

We hope to build our own community as an extension of fantastic groups like this one. We strive to provide the best coral’s possible, most of which are grown right here in house.

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience and have made all the mistakes you probably can. We wish to be a resource for anyone in the hobby, new or experienced. We encourage anyone to pick our brains as needed(we probably made the mistake you may be headed for).While steering you in the direction for greatness. Please give our page a like and follow to help us grow​:green_heart::green_heart::fire:

Thank you all”


WELCOME, and Thank You for your support.