2023 DRC Coral Show

Delaware Reef Club Annual Coral Show

Date: 10.21.2023
Time: 10am-2pm
Place: Aetna Firehall Newark, Delaware

Admission fee: FREE for Members (paid 2022-2023 dues), $10/individual, $15/Family

Updated Vendor List as of 3/26/23:
Frags 2 Fishes
Reef Nerd Aquatics
Keim & Keefer Aquaculture
Reefer Madness
Fish Brokers
Covey’s Coral Cove
Treasonous Corals
Cruz N Aquatics
Gregs Corals
Champion Lighting
Chandler Rocks
Pacific East Aquaculture
Trans Coral

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Check back periodically for updates!

This is going to be the BIGGEST event that this club has ever put together. It’s one you won’t want to miss. And we’re not done with the vendors list. Still more to come.

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Can’t wait!

Here are a few raffle items we are grateful to have been donated so far!

IMG_1486 Neptune’s Core20 return
Algae Barn

Fish Brokers will be bringing some fish and inverts (shrimps, crabs, snails etc) with them to the show.
Contact them about two weeks before the show if you want them to bring something specific for you. They will be offering a show rate.

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Fluval beginners package


Reef Nutrition just added a 100$ gift card and a 50$ gift card.


Right around the corner people. It gonna be an awesome event. Saturday October 21st. 10am to 2 pm. Gonna be the best show on earth. 15 plus vendors on site. Frags, Fish, aquascape, lighting, equipment and more. DRC t-shirts and many more. Don’t miss out, see ya there.


Look forward to this show and meeting some fellow hobbyists.


Glade your coming. Looking forward to meeting you again

What a complete success. Thanks you to the men who helped me on Friday nite to set up. Thank you to all that stayed to tear down ad clean up. Thank you Thank you Thank you to all the vendors, each and everyone of you helped make this the best show in the history of the Delaware Reef Club. Thank you to all who attended the show. It was all for you. I hope you enjoyed yourself and got a lot of goodies.

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(Shared from Facebook)

I would like to thank everyone that that helped make our 10th Annual Club Show a success!

:white_check_mark: Club officers Michael Crimian & Chris Lapotsky who have worked with me the majority of the year to organize this event.

:white_check_mark: All the volunteers that helped us set up and disassemble tables and chairs and run the concession table.

:white_check_mark:All the attendees. We had people from multiple states who joined us.

:white_check_mark: All the vendors for bringing the :fire: :fire: :fire: and donating to our raffle! Reefer Madness, Keim & Keefer Aquaculture , Nextwave corals , Fish Brokers, Reef Nerd Aquatics, Coveys Coral Cove, Cruz’n Aquatics, Rosa’s Reef, Champion Lighting, Jason Fox, Chandlerrocks aquascaping, Trans Coral, Pacific East Aquaculture, &Turbo Oceans!

:white_check_mark: We also received raffle donations from Algae Barn, SBB Corals, Fluval, Reef Bum, BRS, and Spectra Pure, Neptune, & InkBird.

Hope everyone had a great time! If there is something you particularly enjoyed today or want to share a photo of your purchases or winnings please share below :point_down:

Here are some photos

Some more photos

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! I look forward to this every year and this was a great meet up. The firehall was a great location too!

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Thank you. It was our pleasure to set this show up for everyone. I think it was a great success. The turnout was incredible. Thanks to all the vendors and to all who attended. And also for all who help set and clean up, the Delaware Reef Club thanks you. We could not have done this without you.

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