2023 Sponsor Fish Brokers

Please welcome a new 2023 sponsor Fish Brokers!
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β€œWe are hobbyists at heart Just like you. We started this venture as wholesalers and supplied the majority of your local stores in the tri state area including numerous stores and tank maintenance companies throughout the country. Our goal was and still is to bring you healthy marine life at an affordable price. As we transitioned over to retail we still stuck to the same practices and beliefs we started with. To ensure good quality from the moment the fish comes in we start medicating. We treat everything from internal and external parasites to negative / positive bacteria and fungal issues while we condition your new addition to tank life. Incorporated with our medicated process we hold everything for up to 7 days while observation is being conducted. No matter what we will not let anything leave if it’s not eating or if it’s not quality we would stock our own tanks with. We are located in southern New Jersey. We offer local meets and ship overnight. Insulated styrofoam boxes are used, heat / ice packs are provided to eliminate drastic temperature changes and every order is sent out with pride. As some of the members can attest we strive to have good communication on top of our dedication in percuring your special orders.
We are excited to join the list of wonderful vendors in support of sponsoring Delaware Reef Club. As new members thank you and can’t wait to join some meetings and participate in future auctions.”

Welcome. And thank you for becoming sponsor.

Thank you for your support of our club!!