2023 Sponsor Keim & Keefer Aquatics!

Welcome to our new 2023 DRC sponsor Keim & Keefer Aquaculture ! :tada: You may recall seeing them at our 2022 Coral Show where they generously donated frags to the raffle!

They have also generously pledged to put together a limited amount of discounted packs for club members once a month starting in March! :star_struck:

“All of our coral is 100% aqua-cultured in one of our two systems. We believe we can provide high quality, beautiful coral to fill your tank while saving our oceans reefs. We provide quality customer service and help our fellow reefers in any way we can.”

Join me in welcoming and thanking our new sponsor!

Check them out on facebook!
email: kandkaquaculture@gmail.com

**WELCOME and Thank You very much for your support.