2023 Sponsor Valentino Corals!

Welcome new 2023 club sponsor VALENTINO CORALS! :tada:

VALENTINO CORALS is pretty young and started in August of 2019. We are hobbyists like all of you guys and started out with trading corals. Now it’s a fully operational basement farm!

If you are in the area or looking to see the farm, make sure you drop by and say hi to Hendi! He’s pretty open weekdays or weekends.

We carry a great variety of corals from maricultured to aquacultured corals! One interesting thing about our farm is that the corals are drinking the juice of Moonshiner Method Elements!

You can follow their FB Page here:

Also check out their site for 20% on all orders! only this month! Here is the site:

Plus they have The Famous Acro packs that is on sale now! Just ask them for more details about this!

WELCOME and Thank You for your support.