215 Reef System for Sale - Lots of Equipment

I realize that whole systems are difficult to sell, but in an attempt to simplify life for me, I’m offering everything together in a single package for significantly less than I think the individual components are worth. Even if you’re not interested in the entire package, this may be an opportunity for you to flip what you don’t need, and and potentially turn a profit, in addition to keeping what you want…

If I don’t have any success selling everything as a single package, I’ll eventually piece it all off… but probably won’t start until sometime in May at the earliest.

Full Package price: $4000
(Note that this is less that I had intended to post the package for, but I’m dealing w/ an algae problem right now, so I’ve adjusted the price to make up for the algae hassle)

Equipment is 1-7 years old, but the system has only been running since June 2013 (took me a while to procure and assemble everything).

Located near Avondale, PA

There may be some inadvertent mistakes in the list below, but the list should be fairly accurate. Note that some of the items have never been put into service (marked “New/Unused”)

  • 215 gal Oceanic Ultimate Reef Ready Tank - Starfire Glass Front
  • Custom Stand
  • My Reef Creations 48" Reef Sump
  • Aquactinics Constellation T5 High Output Fixture
  • Bubble King Supermarin 250 Internal Skimmer
  • Two (2) Tunze Stream 6201 w/ Magnetic Holders and Safety Connectors
  • 1.5" Sea Swirl Unit (Stopped turning a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t had time to troubleshoot)
  • Red Dragon 8.2 m[sup]3[/sup] Return Pump
  • Digital Aquatics Control System
    RKE Head Unit
    Three (3) RKM-MLC
    Six (6) RKM-PC4 Modules
    Two (2) Reef Keeper Double Float Switch Kits (4 switches total)
    Two (2) Temperature Probes
    Multiple RK Bus Lines, various lengths
  • Four (4) True Temp Digital Heating Systems - 500 Watt (Note - not all pieces are functional, but I haven’t had time to troubleshoot to determine what works and what doesn’t)
  • Deluxe BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor
  • ~7 lb Bulk GFO High Capacity Ferric Oxide
  • Super-Feed Automated Feeder
  • 100-gal Rubbermaid Stock Tank
  • Six (6) Buckets (160 gal) Reef Crystal Salt
  • 28-gal Quarantine Tank w/ Stand
  • ~ 150lb Rock (~100 lbs. Pukani, ~ 50lb Fuji/ MarcoRock) [Most is in tank, some is still dry]
  • 400 lbs. CaribSea Aragamax Sand (~ 200 lb. in tank + 7 unopened 30lb. Bags)

  • GEO618 Calcium Reactor w/ Eheim 1048 pump [New/Unused]
  • Five (5) 1-gal Calcium Reactor Media
  • AquariumPlants.com CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator [New/Unused]
  • Two (2) 10lb Aluminum Cylinders, Full [New/Unused, other than initial CO[sub]2[/sub] fill]
  • Spectrapure MAX CAP 5-Stage Ultra-High Efficiency RO/DI Unit w/ Booster Pump and AutoFill Switches (Membrane, filters, cartridges all replaced 03/02/2015)
  • 50-gal Poly Storage Tank w/ Stand
  • Spectrapure Ultra-Precise Auto Top-Off UPLC-II
  • AquaMedic Plankton Reactor [New/Unused]
  • Two (2) AquaMedic Plankton Light Reactors [New/Unused]
  • MISCO Palm Abbe Refractometer w/ Jacket (Nice little unit! This is a $500+ instrument)
  • Vertex Libra Doser (Stepper Motor) [New/Unused]

Purple Tank
Hippo Tank
Two (2) Ocellaris Clownfish (1 black, 1 orange)
One (1) Pseudochromis Fridmani
Two (2) Fire Cleaner Shrimp (I think they’re both still there)
Four (4) Green Chromis
Agile Chromis
An excessive amount of hermits (Scarlet and blue legs, primarily) and snails
Esmerald Crabs (8?)
Frags/Corals were mostly lost during a 5-day power outage last summer.

Hello Quetzalcoatl ! That is a nice , clean lined looking tank and stand. and apparently a healthy system. But like you said, its a pretty big gulp to take whole. Prepair to part out, unless theres one who would really like a whole setup.

Any pics of the sump and tronics layout, under tank, would be helpful.

open the doors so we can see where the magic happens.

Additional photos, as requested:

Underneath the Stand:

SpectraPure Max-Cap[sup]®[/sup] UHE-100 (Ultra-High Efficiency) R/O System

(Information at the SpectraPure website: http://spectrapure.com/RO-RODI/RODI-SYSTEMS/MaxCap-1-1-Ultra-High-Efficiency-100-GPD-RO-DI-System)

Water Storage (R/O unit automatically fills, auto top-off feeds to sump as required)

Nicely Done!

Very clean and nice setup, sorry to see you unloading it. Good luck with sale.

Let us know if you part it out

Very nice set-up.

I’d be interested in most of the livestock when you’re ready - please let me know.

Beautiful and very CLEAN system.

That’s also a great deal if someone is in the market for a full system. Wish I had the room or the funds (preferably both, lmao)

Waiting patiently to see if/when you part out.

(Have you tried posting a for sheet at any LFS or seeing if one of them would broker it for you? Might have better luck selling as a whOle system that way.

Either way, good luck!

I’ve pretty much resolved that I’ll need to break it down and part it out. Work travel and dealing w/ an algae breakout (likely due to waiting too long to change out the R/O membrane) are slowing me down, though. I’ve been trying to avoid pulling all of the rock to kill the algae, as I hate to loose the coralline, and with the pukani it will be tough to make sure there are no “good” hitch-hikers (hermits, etc) if I pull it all out to treat separately with more extreme methods than phosphate reduction and physical removal of the algae.

I might be interested in the water storage container,some of rock(dry or live)

How much for the digital aquatic equipment?

I’m in Landenberg, right around the corner from you. What do you want for the RO system?

[quote=“alemab3, post:11, topic:8003”]
How much for the digital aquatic equipment?[/quote]

$500 for the entire DA Reef Keeper system.

I have two pH probes that I’ll include as well, but no promises as to whether or not they’re working (haven’t ever been in use).

[quote=“icecool2, post:12, topic:8003”]
I’m in Landenberg, right around the corner from you. What do you want for the RO system? [/quote]

I’d initially like to try to keep the entire R/O system together… That is:

  • Spectrapure MAX CAP 5-Stage Ultra-High Efficiency RO/DI Unit w/ Booster Pump and AutoFill Switches

  • 50-gal Poly Tank w/ Stand

  • Receiver Tank w/ Stand (Not a formal tank - really just a plastic container for storing wrapping paper that I used so that I install the level switches without drilling a “nice” tank.

  • Spectrapure Ultra-Precise Auto Top-Off UPLC-II

  • Tubing & pipe currently used in system

Looking for $450 for the entire set up.

Ok. I’ll have to pass then.