240 gal system fs 96x24x24

I have a client moving out of state and I’m going to pick up his 10’ 500 gal tank. So I will be selling the 240 all equipment is new and never seen water. Will sell whole setup for $2000 or part out cash or charge accepted

240 gal tank and stand and all plumbing 96x24x24

2 x’s rio hf26 pumps 1560 gph each

75 gal sump

Dual line filter sock holder

Bubble mangus cure 9

2 300 watt heaters these are used

4x’s 120 watt dimmable led lights

Also have a bunch of rock


Is everything brand new?tank,skimmer,lights, pumps?

Equipment and stand are new tank is used

Any scraches?how old is the tank?

No scratches as it acrylic and I spent about 30 hrs sanding and buffing tank to make it like new

Pm sent

Full setup SOLD!

Let me know if this deal falls through.