26 gallon nano tank for sale great deal!!!!

in the next 2 months, once i have my 120 gallon set up, i plan to sell my 26 gallon bowfront. i may put it up for sale at DE’s Premiums Aquatics…

the set up will be the stand, tank and most likely the light fixture (4x24w t5 nova extreme) the lights normally goes for 150ish brand new, mine has 1 month old giesmann bulbs ($21.00 each) 3 aquablue+ and one UVl aquasun. all a month old almost 100 dollars of new bulbs.

the tank and stand will go for $300 including a sunken ship item worth 40 dollars new, some random rock wiht fake plants on them.

the light (current USA 4x24 watt 24" T5) was somewhere in the 160 range brand new, with the 4 brand new light bulbs at 21 each i’ll take $150 for the fixture and new bulbs total… you get the old bulbs as well, but at a year old they are spectrumly spent… good for emergency back up though.

with the set up you can get for free a 60 dollar hang on back aquaclear refugium at no extra charge!!

i want to get rid of these items to fund my new 120 gallon!!!

on a side note, my new sump is a 55g tank, was my old fresh water and i want to sell the stand, its oak and standard sizes, still has the original tag for $167 i’ll give it up for $100 or best offer!!

Pm me on here or email me at Trhughes03@comcast.net if you are interested

image of hte tank

WEEEEE!!! Those are Purty Tanks!

questions for light? is it 24 inch? does it have moon lights?

yes its 24" with 2 led moonlights i dont want to get rid of it, but have no use for it after i break down that tank.

who ever buys the whole set gets the aquaclear hang on fuge with clip light (PC) and a seaclone 100 skimmer body free! (need your own maxijet for it, they are cheap)

still available :BUMP)


still available mid july will be breaking it down

another straight on shot


tank still available and will be broken down in a few weeks, taking bids

also i’ve had offers on the lights… let me please re-state that it is a 170ish dollar light fixture with 4 brand new bulbs worth 21 each (84 total) a brand new spare pure actinic if you want to swap out the white, and 4 current sunpaq 1 year old emergency bulbs imo still good but i read to swap bulbs after a year…

thats 9 total bulbs and the 4 bulb fixture for $150 FIRM please thats already over 100 dollars off.

ps it has the built in LED lights, the cooling fan and acrylic splash shield…

i’d like to sell it as a package tank and all, but if no offers in the next few weeks its going on consignment at DPA


made the transition to the 75 today, just need to take out the sand, drain, and scrub it and its good to go.