3 months later (from Sept. DRC meeting)

Jason, “Sushi” is doing great! Never had any issues, eats flakes and mysis, NOTHING bad to say about this fish. We had talked earlier about his brothers (I think its a he?) turning more toward an Onyx coloration. I’m guessing that he’s still considered a Semi-Onyx as there hasn’t been any major growth of the black coloration rearward. The only major change has been connection of the 3rd stripe. Anywho, great fish, with a great personality. Thanks again for the donation to the raffle.

Here are some original shots of him a few days after the Sept DRC meeting.

Didn’t want to hijack the Breeding thread…

He is looking great! A lot of his brothers who were “semi’s” did fill out over the last couple of months. I think once you get Sushi a partner you’ll end up seeing a big change in the adult coloration.