39g Tank Finished for now :)

Well first few weeks of school have been finding everything and making my two clowns home nice and pretty and I think that I am done for now :slight_smile: I’ll post some pictures but the tank is really cool and we both just wanted to throw out another thank you to Ellen! :GOLD)

Here are some Pictures :slight_smile:

I didn’t clean the glass off or anything but… just an idea of what the tank looks like and our setup :slight_smile:

Let me know what ya’ll think!


Looks like some happy fish you got there. Keep um fat and happy and I’m sure one day you’ll have eggs!

Do you use RO? Run any sort of phosphate removal media? Might help a little with the algae.

I really like the Euphyllia colonies. Where did you pick them up at? How long have you had them?

Your both welcome. The tank is off to a good start. Those are some nice clowns with great color. I can’t wait to the see the tank 6 months from now once it has filled in. Keep us updated with plenty of photos.

Thank you :slight_smile: We love those two clowns, they are my first two clowns and they have grown so much since we got them and they have the best personality :slight_smile: (When she isn’t biting me)

I will keep up on the pic’s for sure and I haven’t used any phosphate removal stuff yet and I haven’t had time to go get the RO water for this tank yet but I know I have to get that in check :stuck_out_tongue: I still use the excuse that its only a bit over 3 weeks old :stuck_out_tongue: lol. It’ll clean up soon :slight_smile:

We got the frogs off liveaquaria because we had a credit and it looked great. It was one piece at first but it was too stretched out and most of them were basically laying on the rocks so I split it in half and they have done well since. We have had them for a month now and since I split them in two they have been doing great :slight_smile:

Here are a few pics of our crab near the frogspawn and our newest addition who thinks he is a 3rd clown :slight_smile:

Nice Nem for the clown fish. Do they like it?

They do Esp. at night time :slight_smile:

Some new pic’s w/ my LTA finally in a spot that it has found to be happy in for now :slight_smile:

Two with flash :slight_smile:

do u like the yellow tang… im thinking of getting one for my 38

Love him… first few days were HELL b/c my female is VERY territorial but after that initial period, the tang now thinks its a 3rd clown and everyone gets along really well! (Also gives a new beautiful color and personality to the tank :))