6025 waterbox penn tank for sale

Hi all,

Due to unforseen events and having to quickly move I have to break down and sell my tank. This is an amazing tank that I love. I will be keeping the lights, echotech pumps, chiller and uv. But the rest is all included or you can leave what you do not want.

I’ll sell the tank for 2500 as is or 3k if I clean it up and prep it. Moving the stand is not included but I can help you contact someone if need be. You can have anything else needed if you want.

I also have about 150 lbs of live rock in trashcans if anyone wants it. Half is like carib sea the other half is 20yr old fiji rock.

I havea 5 gallon bucket of fiji pink sand if anyone wants it. All you have to do is rinse it.

I live in the middletown de area and will be in town all weekend. Please msg me if interested.

I just sent you a pm

Hey. Did you say you were interested in the tank or a friend might be. You can text me at 894 310 5504 or have your firned text me