65rr setup for sale.

A friend is getting out of the hobby and to unload his setup. He would like $500 for the whole setup. Includes tank and livestock.

65g rr tank, stand, sump, 2 large eheim power heads, 1 large main pump (eheim), a couple extra light fixtures (t5’s), bucket of salt, maintenance chemicals. 1. Showsize P tang, 1 Show size melanarus, 1 green mandarin, 1 flame angel, 1 blue eyed anthias, 2 ocellaris clowns, Marine betta, snails, sea cucumber.
$180 for purple tang
$40 Showsize blue spot puffer (not reef safe!)
$25 for mandarin
$60 for flame angel
$10 for anthias
$25 for both clowns
60 for the marine beta( wont bother corals but could eat smaller fish)


How is the flame w the corals? Any nipping? I have a mix of everything, softies, Lps, sps.

I have had 1 in my tank for yrs with no issues. I havent heard of any issues with these angels nipping corals. The big angels yes,not so much on these.

If you do some reading on Flame Angels, they can be aggressive toward corals, it all depends on the individual Flame Angel. I have seen where polyp extension on SPS corals will be non existing until the flame angel was removed from the tank, and have heard that others have no problem whatsoever. It’s a gamble.

This angel was kept with corals with no problems. The problem came with the blue spot puffer! I have had the corals he was eating!

Any price on the snails and sea cucumber?

I havent seen the cucumber in while. I will see what i can do.as for the snails its a mixed asst.im not even sure how many there is.

I’ll take the cucumber and the snails or CUC if the price is right. Lol

Pm sent.


Still for sale

Any images of the tank?

Where is the tank located? might be interested in the clowns if its not too far away.

Townsend is the location of this tank.

Perfect! Ill take the clowns. I can probably stop by this weekend some time it they are available then.

Bob your gonna have to wait till i find a buyer for the tank. I cant tear the tank down to catch 2 fish and stress everybody else. I am however trying to broker a deal to sell the tank/setup. Not sure which way yet.

no worries. if they ever become available just drop me a pm. I live pretty close, (chestertown), so i can swing by pretty easily

What does he want for just the tank and stand

Will he come down in the price of the purple tang?