800 Gallon Tank for sale Bound Brook, NJ

Efinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook NJ is closing their store and I have been assigned the duty of finding a new home for their tank and fish. This is a daunting challenge as the tank is 3/4 inch bullet proof glass with a large steel frame that will be very heavy and awkward to move. Dimensions of tank are:

120.5" x 36" x 45"
Dimensions of entire enclosure are:
132" x 51" x 84"

This is an 800 Gallon tank with a 150 gallon sump. The tank has been professionally maintained and there are no issues with any of the equipment or occupants

My main focus is finding a great home for the current tenants that include a Lion Fish, Panther Grouper, Hawkfish, Red Grouper, Fox Face Fish, Puffer, and A Blue and White Striped Damsel Sgt. Major

I am asking $5000.00 (OBO) for this system the only terms are the buyer is 100% responsible for removal of the entire unit. The fish can be moved anytime, the tank can only be moved after our closing sale is complete (Mid - Late December)

The entire system can be seen at:

Efinger Sporting Goods
513 West Union Ave. Bound Brook NJ 08805
Store hours are
Mon-Fri 10-8
Sat 9-6 Sun 10-5