9/23/2013 Order

We received another great order this week, especially in our coral department. Having sold most of our Walt Smith Acropora, we ordered another batch. They are extremely vibrant, extending their polyps within minutes of placing them in the display tanks. We also received a few neon green favias, great goniopora frags, a long tentacle plate, and stellar torch corals. Ricordea mushrooms are something that we haven’t had in stock for some time, but we also received six great polyps—neon orange.

In the saltwater fish section, we ordered a harlequin tusk, an orange shoulder tang, assorted fairy wrasses, and a group of yellow-eye koles. These little guys look great, and they are currently on sale—just $29!

Rounding out the order, we received a collection of anemones including red and greed flowers. We also have sally light-foot crabs, short-spine urchins, flame scallops, and emerald crabs.
Come check out our latest stock; we look forward to seeing you!