90 gallon reef setup for one steal of a price

Hello every one I have a 90 gallon reef setup for one steal of a price. My whole entire setup is going for the even price of 600 dollars. My reason for selling is I’m looking to down size. The setup includes a 90 gallon corner flow aquarium with pine wood stand. A coarallife lighting system with intergrated timers and lunar leds. A shattrr proof rena heater; a korallia powerhead, a 20 gallon eshopps sump, a 100 gallon rated vertex protien skimmer and a quiet one return pump. Also as a bonus I will sell allof the live sand, rock and live stock as extras with the package. Also included with this is a 90 gallon per day ro/di unit with the top loading canisters. If interested just shoot me a message and. From there we can make arrangements to see pics and get in contact