90g + stand + hood + sump (19711)

I have a 90g taking up space in my living room.

It is drilled with a bean-animal overflow down to a 40b sump.

And here are some build pics if you’re interested:

EDIT: Asking $150 OBO

Update! Free if you come pick it up!

Email byron@thetankbreakers.com. He’d probably be interested.

I may be interested. When did you need it picked up?

No specific date, it’s just taking space in my living room.

My wife and I are looking to move sometime this year. I was looking for an inexpensive way to setup a tank or two in my parents basement to hold my corals and fish so I don’t have to move a tank and house at the same time. This would be perfect. I would have to make arrangements to get everything but if everything works out I may be able to pick it up sometime this week.

this still available and where are you located?

Heilstyle it is pending pickup currently.

ok just keep me posted

Everything is gone, thanks Mort!

No problem! Thanks again.