A Clean Up Crew is an essential part in a Saltwater Reef Tank

If you have a saltwater Reef Tank - you need a Clean Up Crew which will eat leftover food, detritus and the other yuck which can accumulate in the depths of your tank.

Whether you have a small tank or a monster tank- this crew will get you on the right road for less yuck resulting in a decrease in algae!!
Our 6 Pack Detritus Destroyer is $39.99 - ships FREE & comes with the following:
2 Emerald Crabs - Dan of Philadelphia stated “Great Cleaners
Love these little guys! They hide a bunch, but do a heck of a job cleaning up the tank. Have seen them working the hair algae too

500 Amphipods/Copepods - Amir of Boston raved “I got an order of 250 just to try it out and man was it worth it! I was a little skeptical when I opened my package as there was very little water in the bag and just the filter media BUT! Once I opened the bag and put in some tank water there were PODS EVERYWHERE! So happy, will be ordering more! Thank you guys! Also the customer service was great! My pods were going to ship a few days before I was leaving town, I just called in let them know and they said no problem, we will ship them Monday

1 Brittle Star- Rose of Kentucky stated “they are doing fine and keeping the tank clean

10 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs - Robert of Virgina said “Every time I order I am excited when it arrives I get more than I expected. the items I order are great and well worth the price. My last order of blue legged crabs were great. They are always search and looking for things to clean. Thanks again for all you send, I am ordering again today.

5 Tapestry Snails - Chris of Alabama raved “First of all Nerite snails are one of the hardiest snails that I have come across. So as a bonus why not get beautiful shells too :slight_smile:
10 Nassarius Snails - Billy of Tallahassee exclaimed “great for eating left over food and turning the sandbed