a custom 75 for sale

this is a friends tank. he had it made for a nice turtle tank. it has 1/2 glass on bottom and 3 holes that take 1 inchbulkheads. 2 holes on one side and one on oppisite end. it comes with a nice pine stand and a 405 fluval canister filter. it is a sweet set up. he is asking $350. the tank is 48 x 18 x 21 1/4 the stand is 27 1/2 tall. as soon as i get his pictures i will post them.

:BUMP) 300 for tank stand and fluval 405 canister filter. my friend needs this gone

:BUMP) my friend still is looking for this to find a new home…

[quote=“martinfaimly, post:3, topic:1239”]
:BUMP) my friend still is looking for this to find a new home…[/quote]

ok my friend is moving in a month and wants this gone. he will take the first $250 cash. he needs this money and dont want to take tank. the filter is worth half of this. if i had money i would own it but have 2 tanks in basement i am not using yet so i dont need another one sitting empty. if he does not sell it in few weeks i will be making payments to him myself but figured i would offer it to all drc members first