Acropora frag packs 6/$100.00 and miscellaneous corals

I have several Acropora frags available:

$20.00 each or 6/$100

All were cut at least 2 weeks ago most are well encrusted each are at least an inch most are bigger.

I could also break off a large chunk of

ORA Frogskin
Lime In The Sky Stag

I also have a few generous sized frags of John’s
“Candleabra” that would be added free with any purchase…

I also have several neon green rhodactis mushrooms and olive green Yumas with orange mouth for 10-15 each as well as miscellaneous odds and ends of other corals to potentially separate all reasonable pricing/generous sizes.

can you add pictures of the mother colonies of acros? (especially the purple tip neon) :heart_eyes:
I’m interested in buying some. my # is 3022201735

He has some great stuff. Bought some zoas and sps from him a few weeks

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@Perpetual_Novice - I’ll do my best to get some pictures on here and/or text you some. That one you asked about was a Frag that didn’t have a home and was growing so I broke it up to make room and haven’t decided where it’s going to end up yet. But I’ll post a picture of the biggest piece I have.

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Neon green with purple tips grown under t5

The guy I got it from said it gets some orange in it
I haven’t seen any orange but can imagine under intense LED as it grows out there is potential.
I have a similar one with a more muted green and pink tips (lady fingers)

This is what I call ‘Rose Pearl’

‘Red Planet’

WWC Yellow Tip Austera

Hawkins Blue Echinata

Lemon Lime Tort (or not Tort)

Plum Pudding

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Bonsai (vavlida)

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Rainbow Granulosa

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Different Valida

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WD just coming into color (Not yet for sale)

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Up and coming greatness (I see some rich purple starting to show on this)
Not sure but it might be a fuego

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Houndsbayman’s ‘Candellabra’

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Cop’s Cerealis

All three are same coral - pretty intense purple…

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‘Whispering Winds’ blue milliepora

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