Acros looking for a few frags to buy

I am looking for a few good acros. Anyone have any frags with good color. Reds, Blues, pink, No Green I got too many of them. Please send me picks and prices, want to buy from club members. Thanks

I know @JustSumGuy and @Donavon always seem to have their frag racks ready to go :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s who I’m expecting to send me some pics

Thanks for the mention. Unfortunately I do not have a lot available.
Currently for acros that are ready I only have 2
Jf unknown 1" frag encrusting
Purple stylo which im pretty sure you have already.

Thanks for thinking of me, I am currently bouncing back from a rough patch. My doser went rogue on me and I lost a few colonies. The Acroporas I have may not be strong enough to frag or transplant. I plan to be in better shape In about a month or so.

Thanks guys.

Any one have acros available?

Green slimers only.