Active Quarantine tanks 360/24/7

Anyone running a display tank, coral quarantine, and hospital/quarantine tank all the time? Wish I did from the beginning. Well worth the effort! So far hubby hasn’t complained (much) :grimacing:

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Agreed, well worth the effort!

When I was more actively buying things I used to keep a small 2G cube on my desk that I used for coral QT that was always on. To this day, not a single thing gets into my tank that hasn’t been quarantined. I typically only set up the fish QT when I knew I was getting something. I don’t buy fish very often.

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I run coral only tanks by and large. Never had much luck keeping saltwater fish alive… that said i have 2 tanks plumbed together that can run independently. I have had coral issues where i have stopped the flow to one tank and QTed stuff till i was sure all was well…


Why do you think that is? Smaller tank volume per independent system causing change in chemistry? Change in flow pattern upsetting the coral?