addition DPA/new pics w/ flash

Took advantage of making the trip up north by stopping in a couple of fish stores on the way. I purchased a nice small clam from DPA and received my club discount. Only my second time there, really like how clean everything looked.
So now I am rearranging the middle of my tank to make a canyon full of clams. LOL Will post some pics later on today.

Nice John, can’t wait to see those pics…a clam canyon sounds pretty cool…is this the clam you picked up?

No John, this is it. the whiter one on the bottom

here is the canyon lol

Every time i see pics of your tank it just keeps looking better! if thats even possible! sweet clam! :BEER

wow greats pics…thanks for sharing, clam canyon looks great!

WOW John. yout tank looks like a bouquet of spring flowers in full bloom. Nice.

the little Setosa frag i got from you sure looks bright in my tank. Thanks man, I’ll try to keep it that way. thats a nice coral.

thanks guys. Hope that setosa really oranges up for you Ken.

Looks real nice John



thanks Bill and Rich. I took these pics with a flash today.

vary nice.

wow! looking good. Might have to get a clam now, haha.

Nice clam! Picked up a similar one from there about 2 weeks ago - these clams are sweeet.

However - I’m curious - I asked a staff member about a club discount a few months back… They told me there was none… I have spent around $400 since just that time(much more overall), with no club discount.

Was i misinformed or is this DPA discount new? :-?

DPA does not do a DRC discount as of now… I can speak of that first hand.

DPA doesn’t offer a club discount but rather a frequent shipper discount. After you spend a certain amount you get a certain percentage off.

Which reminds me - I need to talk to them about a club discount.