Air Water Ice 2022

Just want to shed some light on a past/current sponsorship relationship that may have gone to the wayside.

Air Water Ice has been a long valued friend of the club. The best I can tell looking through old posts they have been our sponsorship partner since around 2009.

Apparently Delaware Reef Club has a 10%discount code that has been valid for years, It will be posted below in my recent correspondence in quotes:

Your club’s 10% OFF discount code is 32379 …

We have given your club many systems over the years…

We would like to continue, but since we donate and no one buys anything from your club with the coupon, maybe a group buy would be a better option for your club.

We can offer a great discount and free shipping over $1000 per group buy.

Let me know if you are interested in working with us, if you guys can get a group buy in I can definitely swing a typhoon RODI your way for your most popular event of the year…

Best regards!”

This being said are there any members needing any RODI supplies? I have always bought my filters and resin from AWI, if we get a group purchase together not only will we get 10% discount, potentially free shipping, but then a donated RODI system.

I wish had known about the discount code, I have been buying from them since 2018. Apparently they can see how many times we purchase through the code.

If nothing else I would encourage all members to purchase here base on their past support and my personal experience.

Please let me know your thoughts on a group buy!


I need a carbon and sediment filter for my BRS 4 stage. I elf mer if their filters will fit?

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The filter elements should be standard size unless they are the “nano” systems.
4 stageBRS will be the same as AWI

I need to order some new filters for my rodi so I would be interested.

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Awesome, I will need some DI Resin and filters, I will keep poking to see if we can get enough traction to make this work.
once we have some commitments, I will organize the order then figure out a way to consolidate the payment.
If it looks like we cant get enough for a bulk order please use the referenced discount code on your own to make purchases.

@Donavon post this on the Facebook group.

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Good idea, done

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I just used up my last filters and resin yesterday. I havent checked out their site yet for pricing. But as long as its decent I’m in.

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