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Just spoke with them. Now it’s looking like Thurs or Fri of this week. ??? verdict_in Nothing more that I can do for now. I will post more when there are specifics. Hope this does not inconveniencve anyone too much.

Actually works out better for me.

Same with me. I’m off fri and sat anyways.

works for me

Yeah Paul, whatever is fine… just let me know… the offer’s still out for anyone that would like to get their coral in Newark instead of Smyrna… I’ll go do a pickup from Paul whenever it arrives, and head back north, so its no problem to bring anything back with me…

thanks everyone. as soon as i know, i’ll post the info.

John, if you could pick up my corals it would be greatly appreciated.

No prob Andrew…

Yeah John I’ll take you up on that offer too if you don’t mind.

:SURRENDER Me too John ::thumbsup::


maybe news today. i will be calling them after noon. keep yr eyes open.

mr coral says that it’s set for shipping on thurs for delivery to me on FRIDAY. i will post more when i know that it is in the fedex system. i do not know when they will actually show up here, but generally fedex hits my work by 4pm, and i’d be home by 4:30.
the prob is that i must be out of my house by 7pm at the latest. i’d prefer leaving by 6 though, please. i know that’s a short time window, but it’s the only way I can work it. specific details will be posted tomorrow! if you do not pick up by 7, it’s gonna have to wait until sometime on saturday. i am only floating the bags, not acclimating the coral.

Copy that Paul. I’ll be there before 6.

Thanks Paul - John I’ll bring beer to your place Friday night BoNg

THE LABELS WERE SWITCHED. WE HAVE SOMEBODY ELSE’S CORAL ORDER. these need to be sent back and our order will be shipped next week. they promise to make things right.
here’s waht they sent:
. here’s the email i sent them, AT LEAST THE FRAGS DON’T LOOK TOO BAD
here is the pic of the actual corals i received. they are arranged by bags, so when i send them back to you YEP I WILL HAVE TO REBAG AND SEND THEM BACK, OVERNIGHT], it’ll be easy to know which is which. aeration is on, but it was a sterile reservoir and they can’t stay there too long.
i certainly expect that there will be no further screw-ups, as this is an awful lot of extra work on my part. realizing that the fault is fedex doesn’t make my situation any easier, nor that of the 6 other people who placed the order.
i will have wasted the time and the salt water that these are now sitting in.
please see to it that my shipping charge is removed asap and that everything we ordered is right.
i do understand that these things do happen, but that doesn’t make my problems and inconvenience any less.
paul for delaware reef club

I’ll be watching the tracking, and i’ll still do the upstate coral taxi… i’m not getting updates e mailed about this thread… is that because the title keeps changing it to a new thread?

That’s because Paul is on a mission to set the record for most new topics stated about the same thing ::rofl:: ::rofl::

[quote=“saltcreep, post:16, topic:3839”]
I’ll be watching the tracking, and i’ll still do the upstate coral taxi… i’m not getting updates e mailed about this thread… is that because the title keeps changing it to a new thread?[/quote]
what kinda updates you looking for? i am keeping andrew’s, so it seems like you will be getting bill’s 3or 4 [i think], craig, mr wise guy’s 3, squarebox’s 7, and yours

tracking shows the frags went from mr coral in frederick, md, to hagerstown md, to phila, pa. nice ride.

[quote=“moliken, post:15, topic:3839”]
here’s the link to fedex

i will post when they are in my possession. remember pick them up early, by 7 at the latest or it’s gonna have to be saturday.
andrew, ygpm.[/quote]

Paul, can you PM me your address. I have all day of waiting. I’ll be there first thing once you get it home. Thanks