Along came a Spider

I Borrowed the title from an article on reef central it is very catchy… OK so i found this guy in my tank the other night and it has been identified as a Sea Spider or Pycnogonida. I thought I’d share and sorry for the Point and Shoot Pictures best i could do.
Other pictures of sea spiders that attack zoas

Just when ya thought it was safe to go back in the water…

What size is that about? Looks tiny. How did you end up seeing it?

If I saw that in my tank my hand would never go in again. Even now I use gloves as I have grabbed some nasty critters by accident.
I really hate spiders.

[quote=“a1amap, post:4, topic:1071”]
I really hate spiders.[/quote]

Im glad that there are no bees in the ocean… I have nothing to worry about.

I want it!

Excuse me for sounding like a little kid, but I have never ever seen these before in person. Only images of them on computers and in books. I would really like to see it in person. See it eat and move and study it. If you have not yet disposed of it please hold on to it for me. Keep it seperated in a small container of tank water.

[quote=“a1amap, post:4, topic:1071”]
Even now I use gloves as I have grabbed some nasty critters by accident.[/quote]

What type of gloves do you use?

Happy Harry’s sells purple latex gloves with out that white powdery crap on them. Sometimes Walmarts have them as well near the band aids and stuff. That is what I use any time I am fragging things.

To reach into a deep tank I’ve used “aqua gloves” sold by most LFS. They are good for handling LR during an aquascaping project as well as they are pretty heavy duty and reusable.

I don’t know what Al uses.

ds4x4 do you still have the sea spider?

Power-free Nitrile blue exam gloves. Harbor freight has boxes of 100 for $3-$5 when on sale

Hello sorry he was very tiny maybe 1/4 inch or less from tip to tip… I wish i woulda posted here earlier i kept him separated for 3 days in a little dish still alive. (tough little bugger) but i dumped him right after i posted. IF for some reason I find another one he is all yours. I used a turkey baster to suck it up for what its worth, I aint pickin it up. :SURRENDER