Alyssa's Picks-Bright Orange Hammer and Cultured Acros

Hello Everyone! We have some really nice cultured Acros in stock along with really nice Hammers. We recently got in a lot of new stock and we are behind on posting to our website. For those of you who are not familiar with me my name is Alyssa and I am Pacific East Aquaculture’s Coral Concierge and I do the majority of our board posts. From time to time I offer some of my favorite new pieces before they are ever posted to our website! If you think you may be interested in any of the pieces in this post the best way to contact us is through my email: or call us between 11-5 Eastern Monday-Saturday. This is posted on many boards and we do not always see private messages right away. Thank you for viewing!

Pacific East Aquaculture:

Cultured Acropora 1-$129.99 (3 inches)

Cultured Acropora 2-$129.99 (3 inches)

Cultured Acropora 3-$129.99 (4 inches)

Cultured Acropora 4-$129.99 (2.25 inches)

Cultured Acropora 5-$129.99 (3 inches)

Cultured Acropora 6-$129.99 (2.5 inches)

Cultured Acropora 7-$129.99 (3 inches)

Aussie Bright Orange Hammer-$249.99 (6 inches)

Cultured Orange Tip Hammer 1-$199.99 (4 inches)

Cultured Orange Tip Hammer 2-$199.99 (4 inches)