Amazing Acans - Amazing Lighting!

Have you seen the crazy new Acanthastrea lordhowensis frag special we’re running? If the answer is yes, then you may have noticed that we’ve posted a few of the frags with some really cool split photos that show the corals under different lighting. The reason for this was to help answer some of the most frequent questions that we get: what will this coral look like under my lights, or why does this coral look different in my tank?

The split photos we posted show the Acans out in our greenhouse. The left hand photo is taken with only natural sunlight - the same lighting that all of the Acans included in this Special were photographed under. The right hand photo shows the addition of just 7 watts of blue LED light. As you can see this makes a big difference and illustrates the difficulty in predicting exactly what a coral will look like in your tank. We know a lot of folks have been adding LED strips to their existing lights to help show off corals like Acans, Chalcies, and Zoanthids that tend to glow under that lighting. Others of you have lighting systems that will fall somewhere in between these two extremes. So, what do you guys think? Are these split photos something you find helpful and would like to see more of, or not?

In case you’ve missed them on the site here’s just a few of the photos posted. You can check them all out on the SPECIALS page, but best do it soon. These guys are really selling fast!

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Lots of new corals posted, more posting—all kinds of cool corals!!!

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Our Acan frags are located on the Specials page on our site:

Just posted some Chalices with and without blue led’s.

A few examples with led’s on:

Acans are running fast:

Lots of really nice Acans remaining with this special, though some have begun to sell out! Site is up to date with those still in stock. Don’t miss out on that Acan you’ve been eyeing.

You can find the Acan special here:

A sampling of the remaining Acans: