Anemone on the move

So I’ve had this bubble tip for about 5 years. It hasn’t left its rock since the day I put it in the tank. When I moved my tank back in January it stayed put, never even considered wandering.

Yesterday I come home to find it decided it would prefer to be right next to my neon green toadstool leather. Not a big deal, the toadstool is still relatively small, and on a small rock not attached to the rest of the stack, so I just moved it out of the way.

Today I come home to find the anemone firmly planted on a rock right UNDER my frogspawn colony!! I’m talking 30+ heads inches away - some millimeters!

Of course the frogspwan is on a much larger rock, and a colony this size is NOT easily relocated.

So needless to say, my tank has now been significantly re-aquascaped, and is not nearly as “balanced” as it was. And instead of 1 very large frogspawn, I now have 3 smaller colonies to help fill in some of the bare spots.

All because 1 animal decided it wanted to play nomad.

Nice always great when the anems don’t wanna play nice

At least it didnt decide to get a closer look at the powerhead. ::hitsthefan::

Hate traveling nems.

I remember keeping nems back in the day and when they ever moved, I was always freaked out. God only knows where they’re gonna end up. Mine always seemed to end up toward the back of the tank somewhere where it was only barely visible, then it would split and split back there and they all stayed back on this one rock. Then I sold the whole thing for a few hundy.