Annual Club BBQ

July 16, 2017


Lum’s Pond

3355 Red Lion Rd Bear DE 19701

Please RSVP on this thread if you are able to make it. This is for premium members only with their dues up to date!

The club will provide the meats and I ask that all members that are attending to please bring a covered dish as well. When you RSVP please also let me know what dish you will be bringing and how many are attending. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Please note that there is an entry fee to get into the park $4 for DE registered vehicles $8 for out of state registered vehicles!

Karen +3 veggie tray
Adam +2.5 Fruit
Frank ?
Donovan +2 pasta salad/cookies
Marty +1 ?

We will be there!
Adam + 2.5

We will bring uhh… something

we will be out of town that weekend :frowning: sad to miss it.

I’m in,

I will bring pasta salad and cookies

Me +2

I will be there, will need to bring something that can fit in a backpack as I will be cycling.

Dont forget to RSVP for our BBQ ! Hope to see a lot of people there!

[quote=“reeferbar, post:3, topic:9113”]
we will be out of town that weekend :frowning: sad to miss it.[/quote]

Oh no Chris!! We will miss you!

Dont forget to RSVP

Where is everybody!? Don’t wanna come play?

This is coming up this weekend. Please let me know if you will be attending. I need to know asap so I can get enough food!!

If you haven already told me what you will be bringing please do so soon so that I know what we need. Thanks!

We will bring a fruit platter.

Looks like I will be out of the state this weekend and will not be able to come. Have fun guys.


Is there a specific spot we are meeting at?

Was getting ready to post that info!

We will be meeting at picnic area 1. Don’t forget that there is a fee to get through the gate. It’s $4/resident and $8/non resident. Howell School RD is closed. This is the road that has the main entrance into the park. It is my understanding that you get into the park off of 896 now.

I am going to the store in the morning to get the food. Not sure what to get. Is there anything in particular that anybody wants? I dont know if we just want to do basic hamburgers and hot dogs or add something else to it. Not many people are coming so I dont want to go to wild with the food. Let me know your thoughts!! Also anyone have any sort of way to play music. I am not sure if we have electric or not. I would say not. We are not allowed to have a big music system but can play something that is only heard at our picnic area.

Burgers and dogs are always good, it doesn’t take much to impress me and my crew, with not a lot of people coming, I would keep it simple.
Should we bring plates and napkins and stuff?

The club will provide all the necessary paper products meats condiments and drinks.

Burgers and dogs are good for us! I’ll bring a Bluetooth speaker with me.

Had a pleasant time at this year’s DRC BBQ. Thanks to all who participated. Talked about future DIY projects and a group trip to Camden Aquarium. Looking forward to our September meeting!