anthias confusion

Image isnt working.

There we go, kinda big. Never sure what link to use.

Hmm, looks like some sort of anemone to me. Check mojrano anemones as well as tulip anemones… that may be it.

Looks like a Majano Anemone

Just looked the Majano Anemone up and looks pretty close to me. not a good thing to have in my tank from what Iv just read. maybe Jon would want them for his secret project. :stuck_out_tongue:

If so you will get several opinions as to good or bad. For some they multiply rapidly and others like Tom&Annette love them. I think Craig has some he may be able to give a better Id

+1 Majano

Not majano.

Majano usually have green “petals” and the center disc is bare, the “petals” grow around the outer edge.

That actually looks more like a long tenticle toadstool to me.

If the flash is just washing out color and it is a majano I personally think they have gotten a bad rap. they are usually very colorful, like zoos and palys, have never had one sting or kill another coral, and have heard of some people using them for filtration in a fuge.