Any Ideas?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some input on what might have happened? I figure it was probably my two clowns that beat it up… but take a look at the before and after photos and let me know what you think!



Its not the small anemone that was pissed in the first photo its the one towards the bottom that was very happy lol.

Thanks guys!

Can you be a little more descriptive? I’m not sure I can figure out what I am looking at. it looks like a small toadstool in the 2nd pic, but I can’t find one in the 1st pic to compare.

Its right behind the toadstool… Its the only pic I have of it right now b/c my girlfriend is on vacation and I’m no where near her house lol. So… just look beyond the toadstool (like directly behind it attached to the rock…) Its not opened at all and its just the disc and a few nubs.

And where is it in Pic 1?

i think, the one the clowns r in…

well I think we need to know a little nore before we can guess as to what’s going on.

Tank parameters?
How old is the tank?
Did it move itself to the bottom or did you move it?

Once we have some of the basics we can start to figure out why it’s all closed up.


Tank parameteres… SG. 1.0025, all the rest 0, and temp 77-81

Tank is about 4 months old… but this anemone has been in my other tanks before this one w/ the same clowns.
Its always been a bottom dweller, and ive got T5HO 10k and atinic mix.

heres a link:

We just added these lights about a week ago and they are great. before that I had the same lighting that I had for my 29g but we had no money to replace them… I must say that this happened long b4 the new lights came on and we haven’t seen any positive response yet from him w/ the new lighting. (of course that can take time i know but just wondering what your opinions were.)

Check the number of zeros in your salinity reading. I am assuming you meant 1.025 not 1.0025.

We could be looking at a few different senarios, but I think the most probable is going to be that the tank is only 4 months old. there have been several reeferes on here (myself included) that kept the same anemone for years without issue, set up a new tank (using old rock and water from the previous tank) and the anemone just did not do well in the new tank.

We believe there may be something to the addage of “Can’t keep a nem in a tank under 6 months old” but we’re not sure why not.

Another senario may be that the lights were insufficient and the anemone was slowly degrading and coming close to dying, then you switched to the T5s and blasted it with a ton of light and it’s mearley still in shock.

Have you been able to spot feed it?
Are the clowns leaving it alone now?

The lights before were still T5HO lights so I’m not totally sure. I had spot fed it in the old tank, and in the new one until it didn’t have any more tentacles to take the food lol. I figure it might just take some time b/c I have heard of people saying that their anemones hid for a few months then just came back out of the blue so that is my hope esp w/ the new lighting.

My guess is it is a combo of my two clowns and the fact that a 29g tank is not as high as a 37g tank and so his light decreased but he stayed at the bottom. That is the reason I got the new more powerful T5HO lighting but… I just hope that the clowns leave it alone and the lighting helps him out :slight_smile: And i did mean 1.025 lol i threw it up there quickly in between doing practice problems for a physics test I had today lol.