Any update on the store?

I am sure they’re are others wondering if ECA is coming back. I really liked the store and would love to see it come back. So I guess what I am asking is whats the update on the store?

I also loved the store, but every time I went there everyone always talked about how poor business had been and the fact that they were selling puppies in a fish store to help supplement income… well…

Last post I saw from him he was selling off all the in store tanks, another bleak sign in my opinion. So I have a theory, but then again I have been known to be pessimistic at times.

I really hope I am completely wrong and they have some giant grand reopening with bells, whistles, giant coral and fish sales and fireworks. I will go spend my money there for sure, hell Matt was the only one who kept fresh stock of Reef Nutrition which I prefer.


Has anyone drove by there or talked to anyone from there since the sell off of the tanks?

Someone at the fresh water meeting said there was a new place opening on kirkwood Hwy. Between the vitamin store and best buy anyone know much about it?

yes i actually worked at the guys sisters house she said he is a great guy and his target is 2 weeks that was a week ago she said he is smart, a nice guy and has been doing it for years he owns an aquarium maint. company too and he works a lot in the greenville/hockessin area she said he is bald lol

That sounds pretty good, yea Ken was saying it was that guy I seen his cards in dpa. Have to check him out when he opens YahoO love to see new places for the hobby open.

[quote=“Reefer, post:6, topic:4596”]
That sounds pretty good, yea Ken was saying it was that guy I seen his cards in dpa. Have to check him out when he opens YahoO love to see new places for the hobby open.[/quote]

It’s not the guy that comes into DPA, Brett only has his maintance business still

The guy that is opening the store on Kirkwood hwy used to be in Greenbanks all the time but since he started this project I don't think him an Billy are friends much

the guy that opening the business is doug heowns a maint business up in north wilmington.he been in business awhile very nice guy. i been to store before he had water in systems and he has a very small store but there will be alot of tanks of fish and such but not much room for dry goods and such…

here is there store wesite<

Has anyone been there yet? I see heard about this from someone else also, the guy lives close to me and I always see his decorated van out and about. I am wondering if it is worth a trip to visit.

hi friends, for reasons too numerous for a public forum I will not be reopening at the chester pike location. I will be on hiatus for a while while I research my trade and locations, I take with me nothing but fond memories of my time in prospect park. Thank you all so much for your support in the past and for the future.

Peace and Love

Good Luck Matt

  Wish you the best and hope to see ya back up.

Good luck Matt. Let us know when your new journey begins.

Good luck Matt, when you open We’ll be there.

Hey, I found a little place in Sharon Hill PA. He is just starting and has most of the fresh/salt water supplies.Fish and corals are soon to come. Fyi for some of the PA members it’s called Arties Aquatic’s. It is located at 500 Sharon Ave. Sharon Hill,PA 19079 phone:610-583-9722.

Thanks for the info. You know any update on Matt?

I talked to Matt like 2 weeks ago. He is doing ok.

I am hanging in fine, thanks for asking. Art is a former customer and a friend of e.c.a. He is also a local guy we wish him the best of luck with his new venture.

Thanks Matt!

Good to hear Matt. Let us know of any new venture for you.

Art, I guess I’ll have to make a trip to your neck of the woods when I go up north. Thanks for the info and good luck with the store.