Anyone going to ARRE in Edison tomorrow?

Looks to be a good event. I’m not going but I’m hoping some people from here are.

I am going!

Looks like it should be good! Have fun!

What is it?

Is it a swap or an expo of whats coming?

I have never been before but from what I can tell it’s like a huge swap for reef and reptiles

[quote=“nerak, post:7, topic:8744”]
I have never been before but from what I can tell it’s like a huge swap for reef and reptiles[/quote]
That’s the way it looks to me too.

a lot of the vendors that was at our swap are going to be there!!

Here are the vendors thats going to be there

AAM Crested Geckos
Abba Seed
Aquariums by JJ
AR Reptile House
Aznnutty’s Saltwater Connections
Black Jungle Exotics
Black Market Corals
Brain Fever Art Work
Christie’s Reptile Room
Emily Burke Artwork
Cold Blooded Novelties
Crested Mania
Damsel In Defense
David’s Aquariums
Dirk’s Dry Goods
Dr. Jim’s Reef Corner
DVM Exotics
East Coast Feeders
Face Painting & Balloon Animals
Fear Not Tarantulas
Four C Reptiles
Franken Chams
Garden State Frogs
Gecko Haven
Graham’s Aquacultured Corals
Hospitality Marketing
Island Reptiles
Jay Gonzalez Reptiles
Kamel Spiders
Keepers Choice
Reptile Addicts / Kick’s Balls
Kingpin Corals
Leapin Leachies
Lunas Lovely Lizards
Majestic Reptiles
Mazuri Exotic Animal Foods
Nadilyn Beato - Wildlife Illustrator
NJ Exotic Pets
NY Coral King
Oase / biOrb
Ocean Gallery
Origami Owl
Pat Kline - Frogs & Supplies
Pogona Nightmare Dragons
Pop Corals
Reptile Kingdom
Major League Exotic Pets
Rick Krumrine Reptiles
SeaChem Products
Sherman Tanks
Ship Your Reptiles
Ship Your Aquatics
Silent World Reef Products
Sky’s Lagoon Coral
Sliter & Swim - Supplies & Equipment
SnakeMan’s Exotics
Squeals On Wheels
Talon Local Marketing
Talon’s Cove Coral
The Coral Dudes
The Dragons Den
The Fraggin Idiot
The Tank Breakers
The Wet Pet Connection
Tom Agosta
Vivariums in The Mist
Zoo Med

So… How was it?

It wasnt too bad!! It is just like our swap, a little bigger and with reptile vendors as well!! It wasnt quite as big as I thought it was going to be though. We came home with some new critters!!! Unfortunately nothing for my tank though!

We ended up with a bearded dragon and some tree frogs!!! We just got finished setting them up. I need to go out tomorrow and get some more things for them. I will post pics when I am finished setting them!!!