Anywhere to buy RO fittings locally? (Newark)

Does anyone know of any place to buy RO fittings locally? Just wondering if home depot or lowes will have 1/4" fittings. I think i’ve seen them there but couldn’t find them online.

I’m looking specifically for this fitting:

I broke the one I just bought from BRS and I’m officially out of top-off water as of today.


Both Home depot and Lowes have them. I’ve seen up to half inch at lowes

yes lowes has them.

I bought some not long ago at HD. but they are not exactly like the ones on my very old RO. the old style is with a threaded lock down hex nut to tighten on the tube. the new ones are just push in. they work great. look in the plumbing section with the little drawers or rack of ice maker fittings.