Aqua pod fan question

Hey guys, I have a 24 gallon aqua pod and both fans in the hood now only work intermittently. I unscrewed the plastic shield to check it out and it looks as though i could take out the two existing fans and splice in two new ones. I was thinking I could probably just get ones from comp USA but I wasn’t sure if this would work or not. I also wasn’t sure if that would even solve my problem or if there is possibly a different part that is causing the fans to act this way… seems kinda strange that they would both go bad. Hopefully someone can help me with this because without the fans working I am noticing an increase in the tank temputature, not to mention the sound is highly annoying when they are attempting to run. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

I’d think the issue would be in the motors or the power supply. I don’t have an aquapod so I’m not sure if the fans are set to go on with the lights or when a certain temp is reached.
You can check the power but getting a multi-meter and putting the points on the sodder where the wires attach to the fans. If you don’t get a reading then it’s an issue with the power supply. If you have juice there than I would consider replacing the fans with computer fans.

You would have to pull the fans out yourself and see if its a 120v or dc12v most fans they use are 12v hook it up to your computer or a battery to test them with straight power. If problem persist then you have bad fans. on the fan it will also tell you the exact dimensions you need to replace. There are a lot of cheap places to order fans. Newegg being a great site for that stuff. I had to change a fan in my light unit. Most people will complain the stock fans are cheap and tend to go bad. sometimes they have a quieter fan but also look at the cfm the fans push you want 1 equal or better to the stock fan.

This is electrical and I am not a certified electrician so this is what I would do and is no way a recomendation of what you should do :slight_smile:

I would unplug the unit, cut the fans out and replace them

here are the specs for the stock fans for a AquaPod 24Gallon hood.

Model: DFS601512M
60mm x 60mm x 15mm 12V Current .13amps 1.6W Speed 2800RPM CFM 1406 Noise 24.55dB

i have 2 aqua pods and this is common. yes you can change them very easy. take out fans and thier is a label on them with specs. comp or any computer store should be able to get them. i have one that also needs to be replaced. on a side note… one pulls air through light housing and one pushes air out check the direction of blades and rder the correct one.

$10 on amazon.

I would like to get a aqua pod one day. It was nice when I had my 12g cube

it’s a very common size PC case fan, COMPUSA will have them in stock and cheap with no shipping.

Thank you everyone for all the help, I’m pretty sure its just the fans and not the power since the lights are wired to come on with the fans and they still work fine. I checked comp USA and they didn’t have ones thin enough so I will definitely have to check online, thank you for the amazon link. Hopefully I can find ones the right size and direction as I will be very happy to have it fixed :slight_smile:

same fan for either direction, just flip over to pull or push air.

Yeah, I actually just found a document by current USA on replacing the fans and they state to face them both facing out to pull the hot air away from the light housing. I know I probably could have put a better qualitly fan in, however, I found exact replacements from amazon, 2 fans with shipping for just under 20… I figured at least if they’re exactly the same I’ll be less likely to mess it up lol. Ill leaving the upgrading for next time :slight_smile:

YahoO You found replacement fans!!

Once they are in you can start researching better, stronger, faster fans and get them before the new ones fail so you can upgrade when you want to, not when you need to.