The person that I purchased my Evil Eye zoas from mentioned this website. Has anyone here dealt with it or know someone that has? They seem to have some nice acan colonies that you can get at a decent price. They seem large enough to frag in half for 2 or 3 nice specimens. Would there be interest in a small group buy to share these frags?

spelled wrong, switch the t and i.
but the lowest price currently is $77 for an acan, and it’s about 2 1/2 " sq. check out the middle pic that shows the size. much higher prices on other acans, his perple people eater is $130 and it’s 3X3". beautiful, but NOT CHEAP imho. i have looked there frequently. today’s seem about a little lower in $$ than usual.
ive gotten my acans from reef pets on ebay. cheap and healthy, runs under $15 a head. i’d be interested in a gb from him.

Hes a Sponsor for us at NJRC … i haven’t heard any complaints but i have no personal experience buying from there.

i’ve seen different acan morphs on there for over 1000…cool site

I have a feeling that is run by the same guy that used to own C-QUARIUM…