ASM G4X + for sale

Asm G4X + with Sedra 15000 pump. $350 and will except cash or coral trades/cash when the nano is up and cycled.


Body Size: 8 ½”
Height: 30
Foot Print: 13”X14”
Pump: 1500
Tank Size (Gal): up to 450 Gal


Gate valve
Elbow pvc input extension.

Since I will be sticking with a nano for a while I will not be needing this awesome skimmer.
I paid over $450 (New one? $480) and have only used it for 6 months before I took the tank down. It was on my 75 gallon (total volume 95 gallon) tank and was to be used for the 220 gallon that Jocephus now has. The unit has a small crack from the wife during storage on the cone which is fixed.

Ask anyone who has seen this skimmer run, it is awesome. (Cdangelo, Ken, Gordonious, Glenn, Jocephus, etc…) I can not say one bad thing about the skimmer.

I’ll vouch for the skimmer - this thing pulls out some nasty crud. Seeing this skimmer run is the reason I bought an ASM for myself.

I also have a 29 gallon drilled tank. $15. 1" drilled bulkhead hole in bottom of tank. I don’t have a full tank shot but it was used for my sump. Glass is clean and free of defects or scratches

Al - ill take the tank. just let me know a good time to swing by and grab it.

Damn, Shawn’s too fast. Wish I had enough for the skimmer, but just don’t have the $ right now. We use a ton of those for work and they work great! I’ll be jealous of who ever is able to take advantage of this deal.

What corals are you looking for?

Skimmer is sold and the tank is awaiting pick-up

Al- sorry about that, this week was crazy. Ill give you a call this week to arrange pickup.

If he snoozes much longer can I be second in line? :wink:

cool your jets, you dont need any more tanks >LOL<

More! More! More!