ASR Group Buy

PoMIts time for a group buy!!! PoM

It will be through ASR. Mike will be posting some pics of what he has! He has told me he has over 1000 frags/colonies!!! That’s a lot to choose from! Adam has graciously volunteered to pick up the orders on 3/21 for delivery to the March meeting!! Thanks Adam!!

If you dont see something you want in the pics, ask and Mike will see if he has it!!!

Keep checking back for the pics!

Woot woot! I just got a mini bonus from work and it’s got “corals” written all over it!

So… :ZZZ)

Mike is suppose to be posting pics of what he has. I will give him a call in the morning to remind him.

I just tried to call him with no answer!! I will have answers by tomorrow.

I have tried again today to call him still no answer

I just spoke with Mike he will be posting pics on the forum today. He will also be posting his paypal account so everyone can just pay him directly through paypal. For those that dont have paypal we will figure out payment. Adam will be picking the stuff up on Monday and delivering to the meeting.

I just bought a frag tank (that I’m picking up tomorrow). Convenient timing? I think so!;topicseen

Mike has started listing items for the group buy. If interested in anything please make a post on the thread (link is in this comment), send him payment through paypal and Adam will pick up on Monday.