I saw this recently on Brightwell’s site.

“Features coming soon to Brightwell Aquaria!
• Installation Photos
• System Volume
• Inhabitants
• Water Chemistry
• Water Circulation
• Filtration
• Illumination
• Temperature Control”

Will be really sweet to see. He has an amazing set up from the limited images and info I’ve heard. I know one of the things he’s done in the last year is re-drilled the holes for all his drain lines, so he can pump even more water into the tank. He has some amazingly super bright Pocillopora colonies, lots of herbivorous fish, and lots of Caulerpa. Will be interesting to see the rest of the set up.

It would be awesome if Julian Sprung, another author/speaker in the industry who owns a dry goods company, would release photos of his recently upgraded set up which was run off a constant feed from the ocean which still required addition of Calcium because his tank had such vigorous growth or stony corals. Some where only there are images of his old set up.

There is also Anthony Calfo another well known author/speaker who supposedly left IceCap in order to pursue his passion of aquaculture. A year ago he was talking about putting a lean to green house on the front of his garage where the door was. I wonder if it was completed and if he’ll ever share information about it. It would also be cool to see his display tank, though I am not sure he keeps one. I know he has kept shark, sea grass, anemone, jellyfish, angler, and many other species tank, but haven’t heard anything about a mixed reef.