Awesome Anemones, Gorgonians, and Sponges Just Posted!

Just posted some really nice rock anemones, a Purple Long Tentacle anemone, and some really unique Acid Rain Bubble Tip anemones. In addition to these beauties we have been posting away this week and also posted some gorgonians of all sizes and sponges. Lots of nice frags and colonies have been posted this week as well so definitely take the time to check out our selection!

Sponges and Gorgonians


Pacific East Aquacutlure

Large Purple Willow Gorgonian

Red Lace Gorgonian

Large Rusty Orange Gorgonian

Large Polyp Gorgonian

Red Ball Sponge

Red Pinstripe Rock Anemone

Red and Green Rock Anemone

White Tiger Rock Anemone

Acid Rain Bubble Tip Anemone

Purple Long Tentacle Anemone