Baby snails

With all the talk recently, I thought I’d ask the experts for some expertise. I (like a bunch of others) have snail eggs all over my tank. When the snails hatch, what do they look like? I know they need to grow a shell, but out of the egg, what do they look like? I have some little specs that kind of resemble flatworms, but the size of a pin head. Are they snails? They are far too small to get a pic, anyone care to make a guess? I’ve never had a flatworm in the tank, but who knows.


the best way to view new life is at night with bright flashlight for me. look real close at sand edge for movement and behind rocks. i know for a fact i have baby snails in my tank

I have a few of what looks like mini turbo snails, but like martinfamily said, I’ve only seen them in the early morning hours.