Back-To-School Clearance!

It’s that time of year again. Vacations are coming to an end and the school buses are starting to roll. Fall is very nearly upon us. Of course, this all means it’s time for our Back-To-School Clearance sale! Time to clear out some of the extra stock we have and make room for some great new shipments expected in the coming weeks.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to spruce up your tank for Fall with all kinds of awesome new livestock at huge savings. 35% off on much of our livestock including the WYSIWYG Frags, Handpicked Colonies, Australian Corals, and Pieces of the Reef pages, and PLUS our remaining Clams! Sale ends on Friday, so don’t miss your chance! Sorry, LE Frags and all frag packs are not included in this sale.

35% off on WYSIWYG Frags, Handpicked Colonies, Australian, Pieces of the Reef, and Clams!

See all our Corals Here :

And Check out the Clams Here:

Adding some great new livestock to the site and to the sale! Check out the new additions on the Australian Corals and WYSIWYG Frags Pages.

Aussie Corals:


Plus, check out this gorgeous Red BTA just posted: