Before Color TV

Before Color TV we had these great old shows, I grew up with. How many of you yunguns remember these guys? there are tons of old whats my line shows on u-tube. if you like,.

- YouTube

My favorite show as a kid was the old Ernie kovaks show. I just died to see another episode of the Nairobi trio each week.

Ernie Kovacs - The Nairobi Trio "Solfeggio" - ABC Television Network Videotaped Version - YouTube

and Leena?

Thing sure have changed since then. except the humor.

Ernie was the first to use surealism in TV. before laugh in!

and he always finished with a version of mack the Knife.

The HBO of the times, back in the 50’s. Anybody remember these?

and of course, we always had the obligatory cowboy movie.

I had a Cisco kid sweat shirt back then!! And proud of it!

DANG! All those actors are gone now. except Clint.

Things sure have changed. now everyone just has MP3’s, Ipods and MTV.

Where did all the good shows go?

Both Clint’s: Walker and Eastwood. I remember MaMa. ::thumbsup::

Those were good shows? :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up on transformers and GI joes.

Yes. What’s what’s rally scarey is that 50-60 years ago those were state of the art shows in content and technology. they barely had recording capability to make those copies of live shows. 10-15 years later we put a man on the moon with computers less powerful than a ten dollar digital timex watch today. a single Iphone today has more computing capacity and memory than all the computers in the world back then. which might be the size of BJs warehouse. and no color tv or screens then .

The changes and advancements since then are amazing. We live in intersting times.

I know and why did we stop space travel!!!

I want to go so bad.

Uhh, we are still out there. The program is just moving to a different level. For the US the new Unmanned vehicle is the Space-X Dragon capsule. It made its first unmanned docking with space station last month. as described in this video, and captured by NASA TV feeds.

SpaceX Dragon Rendezvous, Capture, and Berthing (time lapse) - YouTube

and best part, all to Star Trek motion picture movies sound tracks. !!! Cool! But not as slick yet as Spocks
shuttle docking maneuver.

In time it will also transport crews with a modified module. or all cargo, as needed.

And the ISS crew takes the first Dime tour of the new delivery capsule after it is docked.

Hey, they all walk around in their socks?

Ok maybe stop was an exaggeration but our progress definitely slowed down.

[quote=“kaptken, post:1, topic:5590”]
Where did all the good shows go?[/quote]

They’ve been replaced by “Tanked” …

DId someone finally get High Speed?

Like a kid in a candy store

Hi Al, did you mean me? ive had comcast for a few years now, but just got bundled in FIOS a few weeks ago. their new basic speed is running about 30 MBPS WIFI for me here now. WOW!! much faster, plus i got a new puter, I3, to go with it. way faster. still making the transfer of stuff from the old puter to the new one. and have to download a copy of AOL Mcaffee suite which is free with my AOL. yup i still like that. cant figure out the verizon home page and browser. got a 30 day mcaffee trial with the puter. so i better replace it soon. my old puter is 8 years old, way under powered for internet graphics today. time to retire it.

Oh yeah, john, TANKED AT THE JOYZEE SHUORE, an educational show fer sure.

China also did their first manned capsule docking with an orbital vehicle last week . they plan to provide taxi service to the ISS also someday.

or build their own station. the ISS is getting old and wont be used much longer than 2020-2025. China may also put a crew on the moon.

But since the end of the space shuttle program, the Russian manned and robotic cargo craft have been supplying the ISS and rotating crews.
International Space Station - Wikipedia

Im saving 200k to go up with virgin galactic…