Best LFS

OK so it’s late, I’m bored, and the board has seemed a bit slow lately.

Which do you consider your favorite and why?

no other?

i guess ECA isnt close enough to be considered local?

Oops…I said it was late. Forgot both ECA and the OTHER category

I updated the poll to include ECA.

Obviously I feel it is inappropriate for me to vote in this one!! lOl

I voted for DPA - but the important part of the post is the “Why?” part. this is what I am hoping to hear other’s opinions on.

I like DPA for several reasons, overall prices are better then I can find anywhere else locally. However it’s the knowledge, advice and customer service that is far better then I’ve received elsewhere and really sets DPA apart. I never feel that I am trying to be oversold which is a rarity in this hobby.

I was in the other day picking up items for a clean-up crew and mentioned that I really like the star snails they had in stock. They were very quick to inform me that although they do look cool, they don’t do much for algae control. I appreciate honesty. There was a very nice Swallowtail Angel - I asked how long it’d been there, if it was eating etc. The associate was very honest to tell me he didn’t know that he had been off for a week. Again, honesty is a huge bonus for me.

How about everyone else - why do you shop where you shop?

I like DPA because the prices cant be beat. Charlie and the crew are all very nice and knowledgable.

BTW craig, the swallowtails are awesome. i defintiely would recommend them. perfectly reef safe and well mannered. however, something i didnt know, they will jump. mine acutally just jumped out of my tank last night. im still sick to my stomach over it. its amazing how much i get attached to these fish. im not purchasing another fish until i put a net/canopy over my tank. im going to look into some options this weekend.

sorry about the hijack >LOL<

I’m on my phone so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I voted DPA cause they have some of the best prices around and like craig said they are honest. I was looking at a star in there and they take the time to look it up and tell me that it would probably starve in my tank. They have always looked up or known questions that I’ve had. Find another LFS that friendly. Plus their tanks are the cleanest I’ve seen.

Petcare is good for selling you fighting conchs for $2 because they think they are hermits lol just agree with them.

ok. changed my vote to ECA. PA is a close 2nd and they get all of my money because they are so close to my house!

I picked up the swallowtail…great addition to the tank.

Ian - if you have fighting conchs you don’t want let me know - I could use 1 or 2.

I voted DPA as well… they get the majority of money that I spend on new corals. I have to say that I have seen better SW stores in some other states, but the customer service is right up there and for the area they are definalty the best within driving distance for me.

i vote premium. awsome staff. nice coral at a good price and pretty good qualty too.