Black Eggcrate Group Buy

Ok, i started a new thread to collect the number of people that are DEFINITELY joining the group buy. If we purchase 1-3 pieces its going to be $18 a piece 4-7 will be $16 a piece. In the unlikely event that we can do an entire case of 25, it will be $12 a piece. All of these numbers include shipping. If we end up somewhere in between i will have to crunch the numbers to get an exact price per piece. Ive placed a small personal order because i need it sooner than later and also to make sure that the process is smooth and the quality of the eggcrate is up to par. If your interested, please post the number of pieces you want. After i have the order together i will give everyone their respective total and collect at the meeting on the 17th. I will place the order on the 18th and arrangement distrubution when i have. If your not 100% sure your buying, please dont post. I dont want to have to change the price last minute becuase someone doesnt follow through. It may seem a little expensive, but this stuff is impossible to find, and do you really feel comfortable painting your eggcrate?

I am in for 2

Please put me down for 1.

put me in for 1

One here.

one, please - (two if it will get us to 25)

One for me.

I guess I’ll take one. I’m sure I can use an egg crate down the road.

8 total so far

Its going to cost $14.65 per sheet including shipping. I will collect at the meeting and order the same night. The company is located in california so expect a transit time of about 7 days, thats how long it took to receive mine. Once i have the eggcrate you can either pick it up or i could possibly leave it at PA if charlie is ok with it. Whichever is easier.

If anyone else is interested, please contact me asap so that i can adjust the price if needed.

Where ya at? In case we need to pick it up from you.

about 3 miles from PA

Did you order yet?

nope. im going to collect money monday night then order.

Just wanted to see if you guys wanted it cheaper then $14.65. I can get them for $12.00 each(and I will donate $2 from each peice to the reef club). Checking with my source now to see how long it would take to get them in. Anyone else who might want some speak soon. I can also get white at $8 a sheet and donate a buck for each one to DRC.

If interested I would like to collect funds at the meeting, so I can pay for them quickly.

I think both Ted and Andy posted before that there is a person I knew that we can get this stuff through. That was back when I was taking some time off the forums. Andy told me about it, but I looked back and couldn’t find that thread.

May take up to two weeks to get the egg create. If anyone has a problem with that speak now. Please all interested please try to make the meeting and bring cash or PM me now to let me know you can’t make it.


All fine with me. We can discuss at the meeting I guess.

We sort of got rushed out at the end of the meeting. Just want to make sure I have all of this right? Let me know if there are any corrections. I want to place the order tomorrow, so it gets here soon as possible.

9 total?

Let’s see if half of us can get pictures up on the web of our new egg create being put to use with in the next two months. I’ll try to start a thread with some pictures of my own and people can add on to it.

I dont need any, i already have some.

As a heads up to everyone, i have extra magnets(the exact ones used for the commercial frag racks) as well as aquaculture grade black epoxy. im going to make up extra frag racks probably this week. im going to try to make them as asthetically pleasing as i can by making a form for the epoxy and dremeling the eggcrate to make it smooth.

here is what i have in mind. i will trade outright one frag rack for one nice frag. im openminded to just about everything except brown corals:) it doesnt have to be expensive, ill even take a very colorful shroom. it just has to be a good sized quality frag. people who are interested in a trade will have first pick. if i have extras i will probably donate them as doorprizes at the next meeting. if someone wants one sooner than later i can meet at DPA, if not we can trade at the DRC meeting.

Delaware Environmental Club?

I’ve got a 1" colt coral I’ll trade ya for one. :wink: jk

Those frag racks I have seen for sale on the web look really awsome for someone who doesn’t have room for 13 tanks. Actually could use one in my QT tank. If I can come across some better frags I’ll let you know.